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How we're going to add value to you

Upon you making the decision for us to service you by placing one or more of our vending machines at your establishment, you have made the decision for us to prioritize you. We ensure the following services are provided to our locations where which we place our machines.

We provide your machines

We supply you with vending machines obtained from our own suppliers free of charge. You purchase nothing.

We move your machines

We make it our duty to transport and/or move machines we have provided to your preferred location for as long as agreed upon.

We stock your machines

We ensure that machines we have provided to you are stocked on a weekly basis (or more depending on demand).

We handle product taxes

We take care of all sales/product taxes associated with all items that are stocked within your vending machine.

We handle your consumers

We handle all consumer related issues associated with your vending machine. (We provide customer support information on all machines) 

We keep your machine presentable

Your machine will be kept clean and presentable based on YOUR facility standards

We maintenance your machine

All machine issues and maintenances are taken care of by our team or our third party associates

We pay you commissions

Under certain circumstances, we provide you with a monthly commission based on monthly sales and the agrees upon percentage.

We add value to you

You have a new FREE asset 

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